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Seuss Shower

Shower Invitation

Shower Invitation

Need a theme for a baby shower?  Have a Bedtime Story Baby Shower…

I got the idea from The Hostess With the Mostess…If you don’t subscribe to their blog, you should!  It’s SO fun!

Anyway, a friend and I made a cake shaped like a bed, with pillows and teddy graham animals and even a kit kat headboard!  It turned out really well and we aren’t any kind of professional cake decorators!  All in all, the shower was a blast and I hope the mommy has fond memories of it like I do.  Now, if you want to have a Seuss-esque baby shower of your own, head on over to my etsy shop so I can get started on your invitations!


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Orders…and something new to come!

My first orders for Etsy

My first orders for Etsy

Well, I’ve got my first etsy orders ready and will drop them off at the post office in the morning. Phew! I hope they love them! I also took quite a few trips to Volunteers of America as they had the best deals on used jeans. It was still hit or miss as to pricing and sizing of the pockets. Luckily though, I remembered that my very best friend’s dad is the manager at the St. Vincent de Paul store a very short way from my house (well, 40 minutes). Anyway, I called him and I will now be the very lucky recipient of the rear pockets of all of their too-dirty-or-holey-to-sell jeans for a VERY reasonable price! So, my dears – the lesson is once you find a product that someone is looking for, keep tossing over ideas in your mind until you have the process and the supplies fine-tuned and efficient. My techy-engineer-project manager-efficiency-king husband should be very proud of me for mentioning that in my post 🙂

Anyway, I know I’ve been promising a little something new…so in an effort not to disappoint, I’d better get offline and into my studio…Hope to be back soon with a finished product! Wish me luck 🙂

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I’m SO excited!

My Favorite Blog Today


I’ve got the Pointer Sisters singing in my head because, “I’m SO excited and I just can’t hide it!”

Check this out...I made this!

Check this out...I made this!

My cowboy invitations that are listed here on etsy were featured on a blog!  A real blog – that people read! Can you hear the sisters now? Now, I know this is small…but for me it feels SO good! So, anyway, check it out here…Thank you again Catrina! You’ve REALLY made my day! And, let me just tell you that I forgot my umbrella, had to park at a meter so I wasn’t completely soaked and STILL got REALLY, REALLY wet! SO, making my day on a day that started with that is just SUPER and will surely win you some points with karma. Thanks again…

 and to everyone who is laughing to themselves, saying “This girl is such a nerd.” you are right…but I’m too happy to care!

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Cowboy Baby Shower or Birthday Party

Cowboy Invite

Cowboy Invite


Here are some invitations I just added to my etsy shop…These would be super fun for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party!  I’m thinking of turning this into a whole theme party package.  I’d add a banner that could say Happy Birthday, Congrats or Chuck Wagon (for the food table)!  I was thinking of little favors to add too…maybe decorated favor boxes or bag.  Then, the party-giver could fill them with peanuts or another appropriate food/candy.  Let me know what you think!  Tomorrow, I’ll try to post another project I’ve been working on!

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