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Mary Higgins Clark: Just Take My Heart

MHC: Just Take My Heart

MHC: Just Take My Heart

Just FYI before you start reading this, I am completely biased. I LOVE Mary Higgins Clark! I have read all of her books and I read them as soon as they are available at the library. Sorry, I’m too frugal to buy books! Anyway, usually I devour MHC’s books in a day or so. Since this was the first one I’d gotten my hands on after the birth of my son, I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take me. Let me tell you that this one was no exception! It was awesome and I snuck it into every spare minute I had, and some that probably shouldn’t have been spared! Aah, laundry can wait, right! Anyway, I finished it in two days!

Most of the time, I am COMPLETELY clueless as to who the murderer will be, nearly to the end. This time, I had a few of the plot twists figured out ahead of time. I still loved it. There is one thing that occurred to me in this book that hadn’t previously: the characters have NO money problems – even the main crook Jimmy Easton seems to float by without any real money problems in between heists…how do these people do it? Aren’t there TONS of people in this world who can’t just go get a mani-pedi whenever they want? Besides that I loved the book!

The basic plot is that Natalie Raines, a prominent actress, is killed while separated from her husband. Natalie has a traumatic past, with her college roomate having been killed while jogging in the park. Natalie is nearly sure it was her married boyfriend, who she never met, but did see a picture of. For Natalie’s murder, the police are convinced it’s the husband in some jealous rage! There’s not enough evidence to convict, so the murder goes unsolved. Until two years later when a career criminal, Jimmy Easton, shows up with a story about being hired by said husband to kill his wife. Now, some people may have believed the story for a little while. Perhaps I just don’t have a lot of faith in criminals, but I NEVER did. Even when good ole Gregg (the husband) was a little unsure of where he was during the murder, I didn’t waiver. I just didn’t see it. If he really wanted to get back together, why kill her? That aspect always made me go back to the roommate’s killer. There’s a few twists and I just won’t spoil it…but it’s a good one!

For those of you who haven’t read it, get out to your local library and check it out. It will make you realize that even in a fictional world of multiple murderers, life can end well! And, in this time in the world, I think we all need a little reminder of that!

For more information about the book, look here.


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I’m SO excited!

My Favorite Blog Today


I’ve got the Pointer Sisters singing in my head because, “I’m SO excited and I just can’t hide it!”

Check this out...I made this!

Check this out...I made this!

My cowboy invitations that are listed here on etsy were featured on a blog!  A real blog – that people read! Can you hear the sisters now? Now, I know this is small…but for me it feels SO good! So, anyway, check it out here…Thank you again Catrina! You’ve REALLY made my day! And, let me just tell you that I forgot my umbrella, had to park at a meter so I wasn’t completely soaked and STILL got REALLY, REALLY wet! SO, making my day on a day that started with that is just SUPER and will surely win you some points with karma. Thanks again…

 and to everyone who is laughing to themselves, saying “This girl is such a nerd.” you are right…but I’m too happy to care!

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A theme I want to try – Cirque du Bebe

Isn't this SO fun?!?

Isn't this SO fun?!?

There are quite a few baby shower themes I want to try, but I nearly always want to try whatever is going on at Hostess with the Mostess. They just do amazing spreads with beautiful, ingenious ideas! Their latest is this cirque du bebe theme.

My cousin is having a baby boy anyday now and I really want to throw her a Welcome 2nd baby Mason party and I think this is the perfect theme! She LOVES cirque du soleil…If I can find room in the budget and get them from Ohio to Michigan, I think this might be the makings of a fun party! If you’re working on a baby shower and are less than inspired, check out the Hostess with the Mostess. Remember, you can adapt other shower and party themes to work with baby too! You’re no longer limited by your imagination – only your typing and googling skills!

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Cowboy Baby Shower or Birthday Party

Cowboy Invite

Cowboy Invite


Here are some invitations I just added to my etsy shop…These would be super fun for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party!  I’m thinking of turning this into a whole theme party package.  I’d add a banner that could say Happy Birthday, Congrats or Chuck Wagon (for the food table)!  I was thinking of little favors to add too…maybe decorated favor boxes or bag.  Then, the party-giver could fill them with peanuts or another appropriate food/candy.  Let me know what you think!  Tomorrow, I’ll try to post another project I’ve been working on!

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